Our Partners

Your interest and needs is what inspired SavTech to reach out and form bonding relationships across the web. We have chosen to put our name with some of the top internet companies along with suppliers of software, hardware and services. Each was picked with one purpose in mind to enhance our business so that we can in turn offer you complete packages to fit any of your internet needs.

Online Hosting

Domain Registration

Repair and Installation

New Custom Equipment

State of the Art Management and Security Services

Maintenance Programs and Back Up for Small and Large Businesses.

In today’s working economic world it pays to make sure you’re getting the most from your choices when it comes to your computer and online needs. In choosing SavTech we make sure that you have all the help you will need. We have done our homework and found solid companies to network for you, giving you peace of mind and excellent service.

When you take on SavTech you will be dealing with one company for all your needs. There will be no need to hunt for the best bargain, or have several accounts. We can do it all for you right here with one phone call.  

Taking a chance with SavTech is like putting money in the bank “it’s safe and secure”.